A. Heifetz & Co. is a consultancy dedicated to the highest standards of economic and business consulting. Our work is aimed to meet the highest local and international standards of practice, whether it bethe local authorities such as the Israel Securities Authority (ISA) and the local courts, or international bodies such as the IRS.


Is a widely recognized and a leading company in the field of construction project monitoring and real estate valuations, especially for the Israeli banks. Its clients base spans over the largest real estate and construction companies in Israel, as well as mid-sized contractors.

Heifetz Technologies was formed as a venture capital company, with a goal to invest in promising start-up companies in Israel. The Company has invested in over 35 companies, many of which have developed industry-altering products.

GEE  formed for the purpose of allocating and putting together investment packages in the field of solar energy. The company has already led 2 large projects in Italy, and is currently in the process of financing more projects in Israel.

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